Brief summary of my professional and educational endeavours

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Hotel operations specialist | Hotel Jomfru Ane

My current role involves a wide range of responsibilities within the hospitality sector. Initially, I started as a morning staff member, focusing on breakfast service and assisting with check-outs. This role quickly evolved to include tasks such as guest check-ins, managing reception administrative duties, handling communications via calls and emails, managing new reservations, addressing guest requests and concerns, and ensuring the smooth day-to-day operation of the hotel through maintenance activities.

Despite my enjoyment of the challenges that come with working in the hotel environment, I remain actively dedicated to pursuing my passion for design. As part of this pursuit, I took the initiative to update the hotel's outdated and fairly neglected website, aiming to attract new guests and increase direct sales.

Skills: Hospitality management | Administration | Communication | Problem-solving |Marketing | Web design

WEB DESIGNER | Web-Koncept

Designed internal graphic materials such as job posting flyers, wall stickers, and sales materials for Web-Koncept. My primary focus was ensuring the consistent visual identity of the company across various target audiences.
Skills: Internal graphic design | Visual identity consistency

WEB DESIGNER | InternetZoo

Managed the end-to-end design process, conceptualizing new campaigns and redesigning existing ones. This particular position helped me with understanding of the designer-developer dynamic.

Actively contributed to front-end web development tasks, gaining expertise in various content management systems (CMS). Utilized basic HTML and CSS.

Produced social media materials for campaign promotion, maintaining effective communication with colleagues and supervisors through Slack and Jira for progress updates.

Skills: Basic HTML/CSS | Campaign conceptualization and redesign


In a small family business at StraxSkilte, I participated in every step of DTP production. This included meeting clients, sketching, revising designs, and preparing the final approved version for post-production. I got my hands on operating printers, using diverse materials suitable for different surfaces.

My focus on designing menu cards for various restaurants in North Jutland deepened my expertise in InDesign. Additionally, I created promotional materials for different businesses and contributed to the development and recreation of visual identities.

My work covered a wide range of DTP outcomes, including printed materials, digital publications, and image editing for businesses of varying sizes and developmental stages.

Skills: DTP production process | Visual identity development and recreation | Printer operation and material knowledge

GRAPHIC DESIGNER | Museum of Janko Kral (Slovakia)

At the Museum of Janko Kral, I designed printed materials to enhance the experience for self-guided exhibition visitors, providing essential information about exhibition contents as a supplement to guided tours.

My responsibilities extended to crafting the visual elements of the exhibition, including wall and background designs for each display. Additionally, I contributed to large-sized media used as backdrops for outdoor theatre performances.

Catering to diverse museum visitors, effective communication across multiple channels was paramount. This involved leveraging digital media for younger audiences and employing traditional methods like newspaper ads and flyers for older generations. My role focused on ensuring comprehensive coverage across these communication channels.

Skills: Communication strategy | Digital media utilization |Traditional marketing methods


Design, technology and business | UCN

Explored sustainable graphic design solutions, addressing specific issues while considering trends, markets, and target groups.

Engaged in a comprehensive study of design processes, covering project management, composition, design principles, typography, and aesthetic devices for graphical production.

Key Focus Areas: Communication | Visualization | Concept Development | Project Management

Marketing worker in tourism | Hotel Academy (Slovakia)

Studied marketing, management, and tourism-related subjects, gaining a thorough understanding of customer care, marketing strategies, management practices, accounting, and basic graphic design principles over the 4-year program.

Successfully completed a final exam simulating the experience of working in a marketing agency, collaborating with a client (restaurant) from the early stages of developing the visual identity up to the day of the opening and serving actual customers.

Key Focus Areas: Communication | Visualization | Concept Development | Project Management