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Designing solution by confronting real-life frustrations

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Welcome to Shockwave! Brace yourself for a blast of bold and confident design proposal for a fictional music festival. It all began with my boyfriend and his personal struggle navigating festival websites. As a passionate music lover and a social butterfly, every year he eagerly anticipates summer, which is the peak season of music festivals with his friends. However, his enthusiasm was often dampened by frustrating experiences with cool and artsy, yet overly complicated and sluggish websites.

These platforms were overloaded with an excessive amount of features, making it challenging for him to achieve his primary goal—purchasing tickets. This observation sparked the inspiration for my very first UI case study.

Problem statement

The existing festival websites, despite their cool and artsy looks, are overly complicated, slow, and filled with an excessive amount of features. This complexity can prevent users from efficient navigation of the platforms and accomplishing their primary goal of purchasing tickets. The frustrating user experience calls for a reevaluation and redesign of festival websites to create a more user-friendly interface that priorities simplicity, speed, and ease of ticket purchase, while still maintaining bold visuals.


In conclusion, my user-centred approach to the UI design proposal for the Shockwave Music Festival website was a challenging yet rewarding experience for me as a junior UI designer. Shockwave was my second project of this scale and I faced many challenges, with the biggest one being use of bright colour. But luckily, this was the stage where my experience as a graphic designer proved to be useful. Throughout the design process, I kept the festival-goers in mind and aimed to create a user-friendly interface that would enhance their browsing experience.

To achieve this, I incorporated intuitive navigation, clear call-to-actions, and mobile responsiveness. Overall, I am proud of the final UI design proposal for the Shockwave Music Festival website, and I believe it meets the requirements and goals set for this project. Working on Shockwave has allowed me to grow as a designer and gain valuable experience in working with challenging colour palettes while maintaining a user-centred approach.