Welcome to before & after series

When a designer is asked about the biggest obstacle in the portfolio creation process, the answer is often the same: the daunting task of crafting complex case studies. So, naturally, when I received feedback to 'include more work' in my portfolio, a wave of panic washed over me.

After a brief moment of hesitation, I had an idea: a rapid-fire 'before & after series' that simplifies the design process into two straightforward steps:

  • Identify the most crucial problem
  • Design my take on the solution

So here it is—a series that defies the conventional 'by the book' design approach. Get ready for quick design solutions that go straight to the heart of the matter.

Biggest bookworm, but even bigger Goodreads hater

Considering my history with this platform, the most logical choice for the first quick redesign was Goodreads. I could write a whole essay about things that bug me about my user experience, but that would defy the sole purpose of this series. So, without further ado, let's dive into the three most annoying problems with the Goodreads landing page.

  • Cluttered and overwhelming interface
  • Outdated aesthetic
  • Questionable content prioritization

Long story short

Redesigned proposal tackled the confusing clutter, embraced modern aesthetics and established clear content priorities. The improved layout with more prominent white space ensures a cleaner and more organized experience for users. Each section now has its own box, creating distinct boundaries that guide through the page with reorganized the order, placing a focus on sections such as Currently Reading and 2024 Reading Challenge for easy access and engagement.

From an aesthetic standpoint, an accent bordeaux color with soothing beige background was introduced. This not only modernized the site's appearance but also enhanced the visual hierarchy of content.

The addition of two different fonts further elevates the design, adding a touch of sophistication while maintaining readability. With these enhancements, the goal is to provide a Goodreads experience that not only looks great but also offers an intuitive and enjoyable journey for book lovers everywhere.