Let me introduce myself

I'm a digital designer in Aalborg, Denmark, driven by the belief that communication is the essence of design. With a focus on empathy and accessibility, I address challenges by designing visually engaging solutions that prioritise effective communication

My experiences span between Denmark and Slovakia, dating back to 2016. During my studies in marketing in tourism, I got in touch with graphic design, particularly within printed media and brand identity. Two years and several part-time jobs, including positions at a prestigious printing house and a regional museum, later, I was accepted into UCN for the Design, Technology, and Business program.

While graphic design remains my first love, after two years of working as a graphic designer at a printing house in Aalborg, I decided to broaden my horizons to UI/UX design together with basic HTML and CSS. Thanks to this transition, I consider my diverse background as one of my biggest assets.

I navigate design challenges with resourcefulness, enjoying the collaborative problem-solving process. I focus on user-friendly UI designs, with attention to detail, making sure everything flows seamlessly. Time management is key to juggling multiple tasks, and my resilience helps me stay positive through professional ups and downs.

My aim is to one day step into the role of Creative Director, where I can also provide a role of a supportive and emphatic mentor for junior designers following a similar trajectory to my current one. But for now, I am dedicated to develop my skills and expanding my knowledge through online courses and various side projects.